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5 apps you need for your ultimate australian road trip

1. Google Maps🗺️

probably an obvious one but Google maps is a great place to save all the hidden gems that you find, you can star places you’d like to go or save places you’ve been! You can then share this as a public list or keep it private.

2. Wiki Camps ⛺️

you can pretty much find every camp spot from free to paid on this app. It costs about A$10 for the year and so worth it. You can leave reviews and see everyone else’s reviews about certain spots.

3. Drive Locations AU 🚙

This app shares all the hidden gems around Australia in one place. You can save your favourites here too so you can’t forget!

4. Instagram 📲

Probably one of the best places to find places around Australia. Using the location section you can find the best places to visit where you are. You can save places you’ve seen other people go to and now you can even collaborate with your friends on saved folders!

5. Velocity Frequent Flyer✈️

Ok here me out I know we said best roadtrip apps but we all love getting on a plane to and if you’re like me you might need to get a flight home at some stage! You’ll spend a tonne on fuel so why not collect the point? You can collect points on fuel by scanning the 7/11 app (ok this is a 6th app you need!) at a 7/11 or you can scan flybys at Cole’s or with your fuel at shell Cole’s express service stations.

You can also sign up for the Qantas Frequent Flyer program but we will get into that at a later stage. 



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