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7-Day Perth to Monkey Mia and back

A lap of Australia might not be accessible to everyone but you might still want to do a some road trips.

I will share here a 7 day itinerary.

This is all accessibly by 2 wheel drive so if you don’t have a 4×4 keep reading.

Starting in Perth and finishing in Perth.

Day 1 – Perth to Jurien Bay.

Leaving from Perth City, it will take you roughly 2hours and 30 mins to get to Jurien Bay.

Making 2 stops along the way. First stop in Lancelin Sand Dunes. Where you can rent sand boards or do a Quad bike Tour.

If you are travelling in a 4 Wheel Drive you can take your car out to the sand dunes for a bit of off road driving.

Continue on your journey and stop of at the Pinnacles Desert – This is such a unique place to see in Australia.

When you have finished exploring the desert continue the final drive of your journey today, to Jurien Bay.

There is lots to do in Jurien Bay and is nice place to chill out at the beach. This is where you’ll stay for the night – so no more driving!

If campings not your thing then you can find a place to stay below – if you’re travelling during the school holidays make sure to book in advance.

Day 2 – Jurien Bay

Let’s get exploring. Jurien Bay is best known for its swimming with sea lions and sky diving.

If this is something you would like to do you can book here 

If swimming with cute sea lions or jumping out of a plane isn’t for you then you can spend the day relaxing on the beach and soaking up the Australian sun or taking on some walking trails.

You can choose to spend another night in Jurien Bay – you might have wanted to hit the pub after you jumped out of a plane or maybe you’re all relaxed out and want to hit the road again. Next Stop Geraldton.

Day 3 – Jurien Bay – Kalbarri

First stop, Geraldton is 2 hours north of Jurien Bay, it is a coastal town and the perfect place to stop to stretch the legs and get a bite of lunch. Be sure to take the left before and drive through Dongara – Its a small coastal town thats worth the extra few minutes.

Getting back on the road –  If you decided to stay in Jurien Bay for the extra night then today will be a long driving day but it will be worth it. Another 1 hour and 45 mins later and you will be in Kalbarri. Before you get to Kalbarri make a quick detour to Hutt Lagoon. This is a pink lake and well worth the visit. You will pass this on the way back too. 

Day 4 – Kalbarri National Park to Monkey Mia

Depending on the time of year you visit you might not be able to do some of the walks around the national park but don’t let that stop you from visiting. You can still visit the iconic Skywalk and Natures window which is well work the visit.

After that we have a 4 hour drive to Monkey Mia.

We stayed at the RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort. In the morning they do feeding of the wild dolphins.

This will have been the longest driving day, so once you get their its time to relax. This holiday park has a restaurant and pub on site as well as swimming pools. It is also right on the beach front.

Day 5 – Exploring Monkey Mia

When you wake up that morning head down to the beach to experience the dolphin feeding. Then spend the day visiting the Ocean Park Aquarium and floating on rings in little lagoon.

Day 6 – Making Our way back to Perth

These next couple of days we will have less stops as we make our way back down to Perth. We will have a 9 hour drive ahead of us over 2 days.

Leaving Monkey Mia stop in the famous Shell Beach. Made up entirely of Shells. The water here is supposed to be as salty as the dead sea in Jordan. We didn’t get in here so make sure you do and tell me if this is true! Don’t forget to take the iconic shell through picture for instagram – tag me in your photos if you do.

Continue driving to Geraldton where you will stop for the night.

Day 7 – The final drive

The last bit of driving left on this trip. You can also stop off again at anything you loved like Jurien bay or Lancelin to have a bit of fun on your last day.


If you don’t feel like driving all that way you can get tours that will do it for you. This is a great way to meet some other travellers too.

Don’t have enough time to pack it all in? You can always break down the itinerary into shorter trips. Especially the ones closer to Perth.

Why not do a day Trip to Lancelin and the Pinnacles.

Take a look at the tours here from Get Your Guide which all include pick ups. No need to hire a car.


Hi Im Ana, I’ve created the blog to share all my travel experiences. Im currently in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. 

If you enjoyed reading this blog post and found it helpful, I’d love your support by commenting below or following me on instagram!

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