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My Experience doing 88 days on a dairy farm

Coming from Dublin we may as well have never seen a cow before so coming onto a dairy farm was most definitely daunting at first.

Are the horror stories true?

The horror stories that people pass around do have some truth to them that’s for sure, 2.30AM starts being one of them. Coming in at this time for a 13 hour shift is not for the weak BUT you do get used to it.

About the farm

We were placed on a farm with 2,500 cows so I do think we probably could have made our lives easier by picking a smaller farm however the skills we have learnt and the memories we’ve experienced make up for this.

Now, to address the elephant in the room that is cow shit. The amazing thing about this is that you forget it’s shit within seconds of your first shift. There is just no avoiding it and you’ll be happy to know that by your third shift your nostrils should become completely immune.

It has been in my eye, in my hair and i’ve probably gotten it in the mouth at some stages but you just get over it.

The cows themselves are one of the best forms of entertainment you’ll get. Think of giant puppies with attitude problems. As a past colleague told me when I started here If you let them they can absolutely ruin your day but you have to remind yourself that they are just cows.



Can’t Forget The Gym Gains

One of the biggest growths you will gain from this experience is your biceps. Cupping up cows will have them aching for the first two weeks but I can now say with pride that I can cup up a herd of 550 cows with ease.

Calving Season

We arrived on the farm just before calving season hit it’s absolute peak, and if you told me 3 months ago that I would be sticking a tube down a calfs throat to feed them 3 seconds after they were born I would have laughed at you. This is something I strangely started to love, feeding a calf covered in placenta while it’s mother has a mental breakdown? Easy.

My Final Thoughts

Farm work may be different from other kinds of regional work that being that I think it might be a bit more difficult however it has humbled me in a way. It’s a slower more simplistic way of life, all you have to worry about is cows. If you can get through this I guarantee towards the end like any job you improve and you actually begin to enjoy it!

Company and Location

We completed our regional work with a company called Midfield. We were located in Woolthrope VIC in postcode 3276.

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Bonnie is a Dublin Gal who have just completed her 88 days regional work on a dairy farm in Australia. 

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