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Milking cows for 88 days

My Experience doing 88 days on a dairy farm Coming from Dublin we may as well have never seen a cow before so coming onto a dairy farm was most definitely daunting at first. Are the horror stories true? The horror stories that people pass around do have some truth to them that’s for sure, […]

Watch Jumping Crocodiles and swim in the Northern Territory

Watch Jumping crocodiles and swim in the Northern Territory The benefit of completing your regional work in a more populated area like Darwin is that there is s much to do on your days off. I am someone who needs to be constantly doing things, I find it hard to just sit around all day […]

Pulling pints in Australia for 88 days regional work

Photo of outside the Howard Springs Tavern

Pulling Pints in Australia for 88 days regional work Did you know you can work in a bar for your 88 days? As long as you are above the Tropic of Capricorn, anywhere in the Northern Territory or in one of the remote/very remote postcodes provided on the government website  under the Hospitality and Tourism […]

Ultimate Guide: To working in Holiday Parks for 88 days

88-Day Visa Made Easy: Working Holiday Opportunities in Australian Holiday Parks There is lots of places that you can tick off your 88 or 179 days. Places we liked to do them was on holiday parks. During our 1st year visa and heading into our 2nd we were driving a lap of Australia. Which meant […]