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How to Complete your 88 days in Hospitality or Tourism

Not liking the idea of having to do “farm work” to get your 2nd or 3rd year working holiday visa?

Well lucky for you “farm work” isn’t the only way of obtaining your next year visa anymore.

This guide will dive into the how and the where of working in the hospitality and tourism sector and making sure it counts towards your 88days for a second year visa or 179 days regional work in your second year to count towards a third year of visa.

First things first, you have to go North. It may not be farm work but it still is regional which means pack up your bags and get out of the city.

Don’t be too scared though, just because you’ve left the major cities does not mean you’ve left civilisation. There are still cities in other areas. They just wouldn’t be as big as the major ones we learn about growing up.

In order for hospitality to count as regional work you need to be either above the Tropic of Capricorn or anywhere in the Northern Territory.

You might like the outback life but if you’re not willing to give it a try have a look in cities like Cairns or Townsville, located in Queensland. Darwin, which is in the Northern Territory or Broome which is up the top of Western Australia.  There will also be many small – medium towns in between these that will also have work too!

We have been working in holiday parks – we would consider it a camp site or caravan site in Ireland. These examples will mainly be aimed towards them.

There are many big chain holiday parks across Australia.

1️⃣ Big 4

2️⃣ Discovery Parks

3️⃣ G’Day Parks

4️⃣ Ingenia Holidays

5️⃣ RAC Parks and Resorts

6️⃣ Hampshire Holidays

There are also a lot more smaller parks or family run parks which will also need to hire staff. The best way of finding these is choosing an area you want to do your regional in and Google “holiday parks in X” this will then populate all their websites and you’ll be able to contact them from there.

Hospitality doesn’t just include holiday parks though, it covers all jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector.

I have also done some work in bars and have met people who have done theirs in motels and hotels. You can also do it at a roadhouse which is essentially a petrol station which caters for overnight guests and serves food.

Since we are driving a lap of Australia we found the holiday parks convenient as it doubles up as a place to live.

Depending on the area, if you’re close to a city or in a populated area they might charge you rent but it will be the fraction of the cost of paying rent usually. If you go to a very remote area you’ll more than likely get a free stay and your meals paid for!

My 88 days were spent on a horse station, read about how I horsed around for 88days

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