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My 88 days actually didn’t start with horses. I started on a fruit farm where I did 3 weeks, I hated it. Now my personal experience on a fruit farm wasn’t great but I know so many people who really loved their experience and made lots of friends. Unfortunately I just got a bad work place, but one of the many beauties of Australia? You don’t like a job, you leave that job and you find one you do. So I became a horse groom and it really was one of the best experiences. 

I worked in Serpentine which was roughly an hour drive from where I lived in Perth. It was a 6 day working week from Tuesday to Sunday and we got every Monday off. I worked with well trained Polo horses. 

This was the most wholesome job I have ever worked. 

A typical day looked like:

    • 🚜Feed run 

    • 🚶‍♀️Put the horses on the walker for their allocated time to get their daily exercise. 

    • 🐴Collecting the horses from the paddock – sometimes 5-6 at a time.

    • 🐎Any of the horses that were training we tacked up and got them ready for the rider. 

    • 🚿When the horses were finished their exercise we gave them a shower before returning them to the paddock. 

    • These were the main tasks that we did. Sometimes we helped with vet visits to take X-rays, cleaned the tack each week, cleaned the stables and caught horses to bring them to get there shoes changed. 

On other days we had game days which were fast paced. Each rider uses between 2-4 horses a game and there would be 5-6 games per day. Between getting the horses ready and unready we also made sure they had sufficient water. We had to make sure all things ran smoothly to not delay the games. 

This job was really the most challenging yet most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Between the horses and the dogs, I just could not get enough of the animals. 

Many people ask me about this job and doing it for regional work. There is Facebook groups for horse employment across Australia. Unfortunately, jobs for solely recreational horse businesses will not count towards regional work. I was lucky mine did as the owners were also horse breeders so it counted towards my days. Be sure to check this out before you start working because if their sole business purpose is recreation, you won’t actually tick of your regional days. 

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