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Important reasons why you should do your 88 days in the first 6 months

Don’t leave your 88 days until your final 88 days.

There are many different reasons why you shouldn’t leave your 88 days until last. My advice would be to get it done as soon as possible.

Lets deep dive into some of the reasons why:



Employers in Australia can often over promise, especially when they know it counts for your days. At the end of the day, they want/need staff so they’ll say what you want to hear. This can include promising a certain amount of hours or shift times and not actually following through.

Most people in Australia will be hired on a casual contract. I have found the employers give hours depending on performance – which is great if you’re a hard worker. The harder you work, if you’re getting along with staff and customers the more hours you will get. This doesn’t even necessarily mean you have to go above and beyond but just do your job, just don’t always be on your phone while others around you are under pressure, don’t call in sick or just not show up, realistically if you don’t show up, give away your shift or often call in sick you’ll be deemed unreliable and the hours will be giving to the staff that are covering those shifts.



Weather can affect hours. If it’s too hot, you can’t work outside. Cyclone, rain, thunderstorms any extreme weather can affect your work. 

Cyclone Kirily which hit Townsville in January 2024 set us back a few days with shifts cancelled leading up to it, cancelled on the day and the whole weekend after, meaning we lost out on regional days and pay.

Unfortunately this is natural disaster and because we are hired as ‘casual’ employees – which most working holiday makers in Australia would be means there’s nothing you can do about it.


School Holiday:

Although school holidays are usually a good thing and there is more work available because school holidays usually means tourist season. On one of the parks I worked at, I lost hours during the school holidays. Lots of places have younger staff hired that only work during the school holidays which means they’ll get extra hours during this time and your hours may be scaled back. In most places this hasn’t been the case as usually when its busier they need more staff on but for this particular job they only needed 1 person on regardless of how many customers there was.

The best thing you can do here is have a chat with your employer and remind them you need the hours and you don’t want any extra time off.


Personal situations:

Things can happen in our lives that we might never have predicted. What we do know for sure is you can only apply for the Working Holiday Visa (417) once and to get your 2nd/3rd year visa you have to have completed the respective amount of regional days.

For what ever reason that you might have to return home having your regional work done will lift some stress off you. It means you will still be able to return on the next year working holiday visa.


BONUS TIP: Check your postcode:

Make sure that the postcode you are working in is counting towards your days. Lots of people only realise too late that they weren’t completing their days in the right zone and it’s too late to start again.

You can check your post code on the Government Website 

or on the Australia Backpackers Guide. I personally prefer this one as it’s a lot easier to navigate.


Hi Im Ana, I’ve created the blog to share all my travel experiences. Im currently in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. 

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