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Photo of outside the Howard Springs Tavern

Pulling Pints in Australia for 88 days regional work

Did you know you can work in a bar for your 88 days? As long as you are above the Tropic of Capricorn, anywhere in the Northern Territory or in one of the remote/very remote postcodes provided on the government website  under the Hospitality and Tourism section then you can work in a pub to tick of your regional days.

Keep reading for all the inside information on how to get a job and a list of pubs that I know take on staff for regional work.

What you need?

To work in a pub in Australia you will need your RSA which is your certificate in Responsible Service of Alcohol.

You can do this course online. I did mine through Galaxy Training Australia 

it costs $21.99 for the course that covers you in QLD, WA, SA, NT, ACT, TAS and VIC* (once you do a free bridging course). Note that NSW is excluded from this list. If you want to work in NSW you will have to complete a separate course priced at $139. If you think you will be living in Sydney and working in a bar at some point than this may be worth investing in.

A bonus tip to stand out would be to have your RSG as well. This is your responsible service of Gambling. This course also costs $21.99 or you can do a bundle course with the RSA for $31.99.

Most pubs in Northern Australia have a “Pokies” room, which are slot machines, they will also have TAB and Keno. TAB is for betting on sporting events and Keno is like a lottery game. You will need your RSG in order to be able to serve these customers so most places favour people who have the cert as it will give them better flexibility on rostering staff.

You also might be on a higher rate of pay than staff without it.


What to add to your resume?

If you have experience:

If you have any experience working in any pubs, clubs, restaurants. Anything that might be related then put that down. Add in anything that might make you stand out for example, if you have cocktail making experience or you worked at a 5 star hotel or restaurant. 

If you’ve no experience:

I had no experience working in any sort of bar when I first got hired. So here is what you can put on your resume. Put down that you have your RSA (and RSG), this shows you’re ready to go and eager to start learning.

If you have ever worked in customer service before, especially if its a busy place like a cafe etc. If you have worked in events/promotional work. Working in a bar is a customer facing roll and employers want to see that you know how to deal with customers in a busy environment. Anyone can pull a pint once they’ve been shown – they’re not overly worried about that. Training someone to have great customer service skills takes a lot longer and they know you wont be around too long so they need to know you can do that without training. 

In Australia lots of places love that your Irish. We have very different customer service training in Ireland which stands out in Australia. Put down somewhere that you’re Irish (if you are Irish of course.)

If you’re not Irish and English isn’t your first language make sure to highlight your English skills and ask a native English speaker to check over your resume for any errors.


How to apply?

Like all jobs these days you can apply online or over email. What will make you stand out is applying in person. This way they already have met you and as we all know first impressions matter. They know you’re already in the area and ready to work.

People who show up and hand their resume often become first pick and this might be why you haven’t heard back to any of your emails. If you’re in Australia then you know by now that it is very far behind, they can be quite old fashioned especially in the more rural areas.

Examples of places that hire
  1. Howard Springs Tavern – Darwin, Northern Territory
  2. North Shore TavernTownsville, Queensland 
  3. Bushland Beach Tavern – Townsville, Queensland 
  4. Rambutan– Townsville, Queenland 
  5. The Ville Resort – Townsville, Queensland 

If you have worked in a pub/bar while doing your regional work in Australia, leave a comment below or contact me on instagram and I will add it to the list above.

If you enjoyed reading this blog post and found it helpful, I’d love your support by commenting below or following me on instagram!

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