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88-Day Visa Made Easy: Working Holiday Opportunities in Australian Holiday Parks

There is lots of places that you can tick off your 88 or 179 days. Places we liked to do them was on holiday parks.

During our 1st year visa and heading into our 2nd we were driving a lap of Australia. Which meant we needed to do our 6 months (179 days) of regional work while on the road.

We left from Perth and drove North for the winter to the Dry season which covers the northern areas of Australia.

As of 22nd June 2021 hospitality and tourism work can count towards your regional days for your next working holiday visa, anywhere North of the Tropic of Capricorn in Western Australia or Queensland or anywhere in the Northern Territory along with some very remote areas in the other states.

We picked up some work in the Big 4 Howard Springs Holiday Park while in Darwin, Northern Territory. We worked there for almost 4 months and ticked off 10weeks (70 days) for our 2nd year visa. The reason we didn’t receive all 4 months was because we started working while in our 1st year visa and only work carried out in the 2nd year visa can count for the 3rd year. (We had previously done our 88 days earlier in our visa – you can learn about my 88 days here)

When applying for this role I had emailed head office with our resumes a few weeks in advance but it wasn’t until we actually arrived to the park to stay for a few days that we heard anything back. Then we got hired straight away.

When we stayed here we were lucky to get accommodation so we didn’t have to stay in our rooftop tent. The accommodation for staff on this park was $150 per week and includes all bills.

Our next holiday park to work in is the Ingenia Holiday Park in Townsville, Queensland where we will finish out the rest of our regional days. We didn’t originally plan to come to Townsville but if you follow my instagram you’ll know about our car breaking down and this is where we got towed to.

I rang the park and asked if they were hiring as we suspected we’d be here a while, luckily they were and I met the manager for an interview where I asked if they could hire my partner too. Which they did.

Again we thankfully got accommodation on this park, although they do have a lot more available for staff than the previous park. The rent here for staff is $200 per week and it includes all bills.

The Big 4 in Howard Springs was owned by Hampshire Holidays. You can apply to work at this park by contacting them directly. They also have 4 parks which also are in the regional postcodes.

Ingenia Holiday Parks have 2 parks in the regional post code. Where I work in Townsville and a second in Cairns. You can apply to work for these parks on their website but make sure to work in one of these. None of their other parks are in regional postcodes.

The best way to get work on holiday parks is to show up and ask or at least be in the area when you ring. Especially if you want to work in parks that are in very populated areas like Darwin, Townsville or Cairns. They will already have a high footfall coming through and lots of locals that will work at the park so they don’t rely on people saying they will come and then they never show up. For the best chance to secure a job on a holiday park pop into the reception and say hi! 👋🏼

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