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Ultimate Packing Guide you need for moving abroad

What to bring to Australia

One of the hardest decisions to make when moving to Australia is what to bring and maybe more important what to leave behind.

I brought a 30kg suitcase with me and if I could go back in time I’d leave half of it behind.

Let’s get into how to decide what to bring.

Months leading up to moving:

In the few months before you are going away don’t buy anything new. Basics are ok but don’t buy any new shoes, coats, any going out clothes, fast fashion trends etc.

Shoes and coats will take up a lot of space and weight in your bag. Unless you already have a night out planned for those clothes don’t buy extra. Chances are you’ll bring them with you because you bought them and then you won’t wear them here.

Don’t Over Pack

Despite common belief you’re not packing for “a year”. They have washing machines here so you only need to bring a few weeks worth of clothes. Bring what you’re comfortable in and leave behind that pair of jeans you haven’t worn yet but swear you will.

Pack for the season:

This will vary on the time of the year you’re coming in. We arrived to a Perth Winter and didn’t pack accordingly. Which meant I ended up having to buy clothes online anyway.

what you’ll need:

If you’re arriving in winter then bring warm clothes. Trousers, jumpers, a coat.

Leave behind the dressing gown. You can buy one in Kmart for $15.

If it’s the summer time, then bring shorts, basic T-shirts. Remember it’s not a Spanish Holiday so you’re not going to be walking the streets in a bikini and a sarong. Think like what you’d wear on a nice day at home. But it be a lot hotter.



If it costs less than €30 leave it behind

You can order online:

Yes, PLT and Shein deliver to Australia

Don’t order new clothes online before you leave – all the online shops deliver to Australia too, you’re just adding to the weight that you need to carry. When you can just order the same clothes when you get here.


Need your favourite hair curler?

If you have hair appliances you can’t live without then of course bring them. Don’t forget you’ll need an adaptor.

If you are already planning on getting a new hair dryer then don’t buy one until you get here. Same with straighteners and curlers.


Can’t decide on what shoes?

You don’t need 5 pairs of Nike runners, 3 pairs of heels and 6 pairs of sandals.

You might think you’ll wear them all but realistically you won’t and you’ll be left with all these extra shoes.

Bring your favourite pair of runners. Ones you can wear in the gym too and on walks – they have JD and footlocker here as well as countless other shoe stores so you’ll be able to buy another pair.

You’ll rarely wear heels over here. But if you have a pair that you love then bring them. No harm having one pair that’s comfortable. But again there’s shops here and you can order online.

Sandals – bring your comfortable pair, but don’t bring any cause their a trend at the moment. Chances are they won’t be a trend here and you probably don’t even like wearing them.



Should I bring my designer stuff?

In Ireland we love our designer gear. Harsh reality though, leave it behind. Designer doesn’t age, it’s not a trend so don’t worry it will be there when you get back.

You will find yourself packing and unpacking your bag as you move to different parts of the country and you’ll worry about your good stuff getting damaged or going missing.

I brought my bag and sliders because they get used all the time but I also brought a pair of runners that I never wear and they would have been better off at home.

These are a few tips on how to pack for coming to Australia, I’d love to know if you have any more. I will add to this post as I think of more so make sure to refer back.


Once the packing is done all you’ll need now is to get to Australia. Find out more on all things Working Holiday Visa Here


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