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Watch Jumping crocodiles and swim in the Northern Territory

The benefit of completing your regional work in a more populated area like Darwin is that there is s much to do on your days off.

I am someone who needs to be constantly doing things, I find it hard to just sit around all day and love experiencing new things.

Darwin is full of very unique opportunities. The Northern Territory is croc county after all. You cannot do your 88 days in the NT without experiencing a crocodile in its natural habitat.

Don’t let that scare you – you won’t have crocodiles wandering the streets but you can do crocodile tours.


Jumping Crocodiles

The jumping crocodile cruise was one of my favourite things to do while in Darwin. You go out on the river on a boat and the tour guide hangs food over to allow the crocodile to jump up and catch it.

You learn some incredible facts about crocodiles from your very experienced tour guide. You are completely safe – once you keep your hands inside the boat.

DID YOU KNOW.. Australian saltwater crocodiles are the largest and most aggressive of all crocodile species.

There are certain areas that are completely no gos for swimming as they are croc infested. You can nearly always tell when waters looks like its got crocs in it. Listen to the locals and watch out for signage and it will tell you where you can and can’t swim.

Types Of Crocs

There are 2 types of crocs – Freshwater (freshies) and Saltwater (salties). Freshwater crocodiles are a lot more timid and although have been known to bite will only do it in an act of self defence.

Salties are very territorial so be sure not to swim in waters that have saltwater crocodiles in them.


Berry Springs

Let’s get into where is safe to swim. Berry Springs was a huge favourite for us. It is very shaded which will protect you from the strong Australian sun but the water is also warm because of the springs. It is definitely one not to miss while in the NT.


If you are doing your regional work, you might have flown up and don’t have access to a car.

Backpacker deals offer a tour to do both the Jumping crocodile cruise and berry springs – You can use code ANA5 to get a little discount on the tour too.

This code can be used across their website but I highly recommend this tour.

If you are looking for regional work in the Northern Territory check out my blog post here for a list of jobs.


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